An opportunity for Learning Web Development
+ soft skills

ThinkersLMS is your premier destination for advanced eLearning courses focused on learning web development, including custom WordPress Development, PHP programming, and essential soft skills.

We recognize the significance of these skills often overlooked by traditional educational institutions, and our courses are designed to bridge that gap.

Why opt for Learning Web Development on WordPress CMS

  • WordPress powers over 43% of all websites on the internet
  • Over 500,000 new WordPress websites are created each month
  • The popularity and user-friendly interface contribute to its dominance as the most widely used CMS platform
  • There are over 60,000 plugins available for WordPress, allowing for extensive customization and functionality

Learning Web Development on PHP (Hands-On)

  • Program duration is 6 months starting From July 2023
  • Live weekly classes with hands-on coding practice
  • Learn PHP and custom WordPress Development
  • Access to recordings of the classes to practice at your own pace
  • Quizzes to ensure optimal learning.
  • Lifetime access to all lessons, files, PDFs, and videos.

Meet your instructor

This is Adeel Founder, eLearning evolve.
I started my Web development career a decade ago and I would like to pass on my years of experience and learning to you. I am a strong critique of our current educational system.

I think they are creating a useless class of students who are irrelevant to the current tech market. They are not teaching any of the required skills or knowledge that help you to succeed in your life.

I want to play my part in providing you with everything that I have learned and experienced through relentless efforts & continuous growth

What our clients say

It’s not “only” about tech learning

Attitude Matters

  • It’s about being a successful & admired developer
  • being a solution provider that goes above and beyond
  • caring for your customers on a human level first


You need to have empathy for anyone who comes to you for help. You are in a position of power due to your skills. It’s a truth that you need to fulfill


You have to learn to develop an attitude of not only providing a solution to your client but seeking ways to support and help them achieve their goals


High-class professional behavior inspires your customers. They not only come to you for business but they praise and admire working with you